Google and Shopify partnership brings more exposure for your Shopify products!

This week Google announced it’s partnering with Shopify to give Shopify store owners the ability to reach consumers through Google Search. While Shopify products could be listed for free through the Google channel last year this is now available to New Zealand Shopify store owners and looks like an expansion of the Google channels features.

"Along with this expansion comes a new, simpler process for getting products featured across Google, which the company says can be done in “just a few clicks.”

This new collaboration with Shopify enables merchants to get discovered by high-intent consumers across Google Search, Shopping, YouTube, Google Images, and more."

Take a look at how to set up Google merchant center through Shopify and get listed over on the Shopify help site.

Google also has a help page on the types of products and the data requirements for products to be listed across their channels including Google surfaces, like the Shopping tab, Google Search, Google Images, Google Maps, and Google Lens.

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