ShopSync launches new feature to push Shopify customer tags to Mailchimp audiences!

ShopSync is our 'go to' App to connect our clients Shopify stores to Mailchimp so their latest feature announcement is great news. You can now push any customer tags from Shopify to Mailchimp and use the tags to segement your Mailchimp audience.

"We’re excited to announce a new functionality that many of our customers requested and that’s now available in your account—the ability to push Shopify customer tags directly from your store to a Mailchimp audience! This new functionality will allow you to easily segment your Mailchimp contacts based on the tag and send them campaigns."

How can the new ShopSync tag feature be used in your Mailchimp audience?

One of our clients who use Shopify tags to create a customer group for their 'wholesale' clients can now target this same group via tags in Mailchimp. Your wholesale customers won't want to receive the same emails as your retail customers so this is the perfect solution to create targeted EDMs.

If you'd like to know more about Shopsync, Mailchimp or how to implement wholesale pricing in Shopify just get in touch!

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