Connect Shopify and Xero with Instant Invoice

Xero Add-on   Instant Invoice automatically imports your sales information from Shopify to Xero.     No more manually entering data from your Shopify store to Xero. No more accounting errors. Save time every month by automating your accounting. - automatically create invoices in Xero for Shopify orders - imports customers to Xero and automatically matches to existing customer records - creates invoice payments automatically  

Note 11 Jan 2017: Instant Invoice is no longer available and we recommend using the native Shopify / Xero integration.


How does it work?

A customer places an order in your Shopify store. When the order is marked as paid the order details are synced and imported to Xero. A new invoice is created in Xero containing all Shopify order line items including products and shipping costs. An invoice payment for the value of the order will be created against the Xero invoice. A customer is created in Xero using the Shopify customer details (Name, delivery address, billing address).

Instant Invoice App details


The shipping cost for each order is added as a line item in your Xero invoice.


If a discount code is applied to the Shopify order a line item is created in the Xero invoice for the monetary value of the discount being applied to the order.

Repeat customer

A customer's email address is used to identify repeat customers and log new orders against that customer. The customers address details are also kept up to date in Xero based on the most recent order in Shopify.

Customer details

Billing and shipping addresses for each Shopify order will be imported to Xero.


Invoices are created and marked as 'Approved' and 'Paid' in your Xero account. The invoice number is set by Xero and will not match the Shopify order number. The Shopify order number is added to the reference field in Xero so each Shopify order and Xero invoice can be matched.


Payments are automatically created and applied to each invoice.

Refunds in Shopify

Any refunds made against an order in Shopify are not synced to Xero.

'My order has not been imported across to Xero, what should I do?'

Please email for assistance.  

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