Shopify introduces new types of automatic discount codes UPDATED


This post was originally written in 2018 and Shopify has added a raft of new discount features since then so we though it was time to update this post so you've got the latest discount details!

The big features added since 2018 are:

  • You can now run multiple automatic discounts on your shop at the same time.
  • Enable automatic free shipping discounts with other discounts
  • Apply a discount to an entire order, one or more collections, or a single product. Set, schedule, and configure minimum requirements for all discount types, including limited-time offers.
  • Discount codes and automatic discounts, in a single view in the Shopify admin

Shopify have a great blog post outlining how the new discount options can be used to develop customer focused promotions and increase your overall store conversions.

In 2018, Shopify launched Buy X Get Y automatic discounts that allow sellers to create code-free discounts that automatically appear on checkout. Shopify have increased your options by introducing new types of automatic discounts: percentage off, and fixed amount off. Now you can offer your customers automatic discounts that take a percentage or fixed amount off of eligible orders.

Head over to the Shopify Help Center to read about adding discount codes to your Shopify store.

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