The peak sales season checklist for your ecommerce store

The countdown has started. Black Friday (26 November), Cyber Monday (29 November) and Christmas (25 December) are ahead of us. But there’s still time to optimise your 2021 peak season ecommerce sales strategy.

Shopify's Peak Sales Season Checklist has some great tips to help you optimise your store for the weeks aghead.

Download the checklist here.

  1. Are you ready to handle a surge in traffic?
  2. Do you know the average conversion rate for your industry?
  3. Are you maximising your top sales channels?
  4. Are you sizing up the competition?
  5. Have you set up contingency plans?
  6. Are you offering gift cards?
  7. Have you optimised your order and fulfillment workflows?
  8. Have you explored all of your delivery options?
  9. Are you offering free shipping?
  10. Have you crafted your peak sales season offer/s?
  11. Do you have a plan for warm leads and existing customers?
  12. Have you implemented an abandoned cart strategy?
  13. Are you rewarding loyal customers?
  14. Are you bringing the in-store experience to life for online customers?
  15. Is your return policy clear and simple?
  16. Is your customer support team ready?
  17. Are your self-serve support docs up to date?
  18. Do you have a customer retention strategy?


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